Website Features

On any given website you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a visitor before they are gone forever. Developing a strategy to attract new customers and retaining existing clients is crucial to successful marketing. Maintaining a company blog is a great way to get your personal message out to many viewers. But a blog is a passive effort, meaning a user must continually log in to your site to view your blogs. By building your contact list via a newsletter your customers are notified via mail of all your new offers, creating new clients and retaining your older clients.

YBO integrates a newsletter system which allows you easy functionality and an unlimited client base list.

Instead of making online purchases strictly from a home desktop, mobile devices allow users to browse the web while they are riding a train to work, eating out, or sitting in a doctor’s waiting room. This convenience is an exciting shift for eCommerce retailers, and those who want to maintain competition will adapt their websites to meet consumers who use mobile shopping carts.

YBO creates a simple and yet effective shopping cart that is mobile friendly, website friendly and can be added to your facebook page. Your images and content descriptions can help your ecommerce store increase your online presence and profitability.

Membership sites can be a great source of information for new members and a great chance for old members to interact and share their knowledge.  You can use it to share “sneak peeks” of upcoming releases, offer members-only discounts, or discuss issues with your members.

A paid membership model also tends to keep out people who aren’t genuinely interested in the product you’re offering.

YBO creates your modern mobile friendly membership site with your content and images. Your site can either be free membership or we integrate a South African payment gateway that is simple and has easy payment functionality.